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Bluenose Guitar Works

Bluenose Guitar Works PR-type 2-Piece Mahogany Guitar Body 4.9 lbs #2212

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Bluenose Guitar Works PR-type 2-Piece Mahogany Guitar Body 4.9 lbs #2212

This body was fabricated in Nova Scotia, Canada using top quality woods. Perfect for a new guitar project if you are looking for a PR style guitar but with standard 25.5” neck. This body is unique and ready to ship!

Made from top quality woods:

  • 2-piece centered Mahogany body, unfinished wood
  • PR-type guitar shape but fits a strat neck
  • 5/8” neck cavity depth. Fender-style neck fit on this body
  • Neck Pocket is 2-3/16”
  • 3/4" pickup cavity depth
  • 5’” Scale length
  • 1/4” Roundover on the front and back
  • Standard Vintage Tremolo Route
  • Rear-routed, comes with cavity cover and screws
  • Wire and neck mounting holes are drilled
  • 7/8” jack cup hole
  • Tummy, Lower Horn and Arm Cuts are sanded
  • Sanded to 120-grit

About this body:

*** This body will need work and finish before being used ***

Body weights 4 Lbs 14 oz / 2220 g

As this was my prototype, I ran into some issues:

  • One tear-out on the lower horn which was re-glued and one tear out on the upper horn. Both were left without any wood filler
  • I routed too deep in a small section of the neck pocket but made a patch using glue and shavings, this won’t show with the neck installed

Please see the pictures for more details

These would sell for 230$US/300$CAN at various suppliers and you can expect at least 4 weeks before delivery IF they made one like this. This is one is in stock and ready to go!

Why the Bluenose:

Launched in 1921 from Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, the Bluenose was a symbol of Canada and Nova Scotia in the 1920s and 1930s. The schooner was best known for its racing success, staying undefeated for nearly 20 years. Even today, Nova Scotians are known as “Bluenosers”. The ship marked history and as a sailor I feel it is a beautiful symbol. The Bluenose lives today as the Bluenose II, which can be visited in the summer in beautiful Lunenburg, the same place the original Bluenose started nearly 100 years ago.